Monash Bioethics Review

Monash Bioethics Review, was published on this site from 2009 to 2013, by Monash University Publishing. The articles published during this period are still available on this site - click the "Archives" link above.

From 2014, Monash Bioethics Review has been published by Springer; see

Monash Bioethics Review is Australia's oldest peer reviewed bioethics journal. Each issue contains several original articles by leading commentators on bioethics. Also included is an Ethics Committee Supplement, featuring original articles and news items on issues of particular interest to members of human research ethics committees. In addition, there are book reviews, news on scientific and legal developments relevant to bioethics, and an Ethics Committee Reflection. Symposia on current bioethical issues are also a regular feature of the journal.

From 2009, this journal has been available online as well as in print.

Print ISSN: 1321-2753
Online ISSN: 1836-6716



Monash Bioethics Review to be published by Springer

For more information, please see Springer's webpage for the journal:  
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Vol 31, No 2 (2013)

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